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The 100 Hour On-Line TEFL course has been structured so as to be clear and informative. It will bring students through all the main aspects of TEFL and provide examples of ideas introduced. In addition, students have full time access to an on-line tutor, to help with any questions they may have.



Our tutors are qualified TEFL teachers with years of experience teaching. Most are also published TEFL authors and have the knowledge and ability to make your course both informative and enjoyable. As our student feedback will attest, our courses are highly motivating, enjoyable and interactive, thanks to the quality of tuition and course work. Our on-line courses offer you 24 hour access to study at your own pace and in addition you will have the invaluable help of an on-line tutor.



Our taught courses are aided by:

  • TEFL House booklets.
  • Display of common resources.
  • Display on job searching.
  • Classroom poster displays.
  • Flipchart and whiteboard presentations.
  • A display on job searching.

Our On-Line Courses are aided by: clear and concise layout, informative modules and an on-line tutor.


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