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Tefl Jobs in Ireland and Abroad

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TEFL Teacher Job Placements Arranged


Teaching Positions with our Placement Agency - The courses are run in close connection with ESL Opportunities, a TEFL placement agency which specializes in placing TEFL teachers in overseas employment, such as Korea and China, who say:

"We find that candidates who have a TEFL Cert are much more marketable to English language schools abroad, and there is a definite trend within Asian schools to look for people with some knowledge of how to teach, even though most foreign schools give in-house training to new teachers." 
                                                                              [ESL Opportunities, 2003]


    • International job placements can also be secured in classifieds or in a job search over the internet, (a list of useful sites will be provided at the course). 


    • When travelling, working or living overseas, calling into schools with your CV and TEFL Certificate is one of the best ways to secure a teaching job, (useful tips for applications and job interviews given at the course).

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