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Feedback from past students

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Feedback from our Courses


Below is listed anonymous feedback which we have received from students at recent TEFL courses/ or from On-line courses feedback.
They attest to the quality of courses we offer and to our dedication to promote high standards within the TEFL training.

(References to ‘Marianne’ are – Marianne Jordan, our main teacher, who has years of TEFL experience, and has been published in TEFL)

  • I thought the course was organised really well, we were all introduced to one another which made the atmosphere more relaxed so it becae easier for everyone to express themselves and contribute to the class and activities. I found working in different groups interesting and picked up more information rather than working alone. The teacher was great Marianne - she made us feel free to ask as many questions as we wanted.
  • The online course covers all the main areas of TEFL teaching and I found it very well presented and informative. It was great that I could choose when to work and when to have a break. I think everyone will be surprised how interesting the course and it is very practical. I feel 100% happier about starting my job in Korea and now I just can't wait to go!!!

  • I didn't realise there was so much organisation behind teaching a class and ways you can stimulate a class through colour and games. I feel confident now and have a better sense of direction and how to approach teaching.
  • Very helpful, grammar was intense but essential, enjoyed the two days, thanks!
  • I thought the course was very informative. There is a lot to learn and it is a long weekend, however Marianne seemed to have the breaks perfectly timed to give us a rest. She is a very enthusiastic teacher. I managed to keep my attention consistently. I definitely feel this course is a pre-requisite for teaching English in Korea as it gives a great base to start from. Also all the grammar is a good idea.
  • I had been planning to do a TEFL course for the last few years and the online course was ideal for me. It allowed me to study at home and at my own pace. As I am working full-time, this flexible approach really suited me. I found the course well structured and easy to follow.

  • Course was conducted in a good environment, the NCI. Booklets provided gave a good overview of grammar etc and this seems to be well supplemented by resources listed. TEFL teacher created a positive learning environment and backed up theory with good practical examples from her own experience.
  • The idea of the TEFL course had filled me with dread but I was pleasantly surprised by the online course. It is very easy to follow and covers all the main aspects of TEFL teaching. It was a great way to start off my TEFL career in Italy and I would recommend it highly.

  • The course is very informative and there is a lot to learn. Initially I wondered if I would complete all the modules in the allocated time, but as my understanding improved so did my pace of learning. I found my online tutor very helpful and responded to all my queries quickly.

  • I thought Marianne was very informative and enjoyable. The section on grammar and tenses was very helpful and the final section on lesson plans should prove very useful too.
  • Excellent Clear Course and Patient teaching for a weekend course, there was enough material to go through and I feel it will benefit me greatly in Korea.
  • I give full marks to the online course. Before doing the course, I had little or no idea what I was letting myself in for. I was amazed at the amount of stuff to learn, especially all the grammar. But once you put the time in, there shouldn't be too many problems getting to grips with it. I am now looking forward to putting my TEFL knowledge into practice.

  • Well organised and very professional...Very relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Topics well covered...Can't think of any criticisms... It was a small time frame and we covered topics as best we could
  • TEFL teaching is a great way to earn money while spending time abroad. I am in my final year and have decided to take year out after I graduate to travel. The online course was perfect for me as I could work at home and at my own speed. It was fairly challenging but also very informative. I feel ready now to step into the classroom!!

  • I was very surprised that I enjoyed the weekend TEFL course so much. This was mainly due to the fact that we had a dedicated and enthusiastic tutor. Marianne instantly made us feel comfortable, had a variety of resources,  games, activities, was extremely well prepared and organised. I studied the HDipEd at UCD and can honestly say that none of my lecturers / tutors brought as much energy and dedication into the classroom as Marianne did. An inspirational teacher !
  • It was informative and the handbook to go with it was also helpful. The course was very well organised and professional. Marianne was an excellent teacher, she was patient, interested, easy to listen and very encouraging  She was very organised, held our attention the whole day, even thought it was quite long. She seemed to love what she was teaching and I think that transferred onto us. She was also very generous!
  • 'Marianne is a lovely, comfortable person, to be around and is very approachable...'
  • I really enjoyed the online course; the practical information given will be invaluable in the classroom. My online tutor was always ready to answer any of my questions. I was confident submitting my test work and hope to get a good grade. I think the course will provide me with all the knowledge I will need in the classroom.

  • 'I enjoyed the course and particularly enjoyed the amount of class participation.'
  • 'Overall, so far it has been extremely informative and helpful.'
  • 'Marianne is full of enthusiasm. She is inspiring and knows what she is about. I enjoyed the two days and I learned a lot. '
  • 'Marainne was enthusiastic and fresh in her teaching approach. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend cert. Course even though the course was exhausting ! It was a pleasure having Marianne teach the cert. course. '
  • 'Very good course especially for people with no teaching experience to get involved in teaching activities and well delivered to keep the students attention.'
  • 'Marianne obviously loves teaching and this makes it easier to learn...'
  • TEFL is a lot more work than people imagine. I was surprised by the amount of work involved. Having studied the online course, I feel much more confident about starting my teaching job in South Korea next month. I hope the kids will appreciate all my hard work!!!

  • 'I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it has really given me a want to teach English as a foreign language. I also learned so much about the English Language that I never know/considered before. Very good anecdotes etc – really make the course fun! '
  • 'I thought the course was delivered excellently, I found it very practical, as it really showed the ‘hands on’ approach of teaching a class. Considering the time allowed, I learned a lot. Well done teacher! '
  • 'The pace of the course and the way it was conducted was excellent '
  • 'It’s pretty intensive, very good though! '
  • ‘Doing a TEFL course really gave me a good insight into EFL teaching. There is really so much to learn but the course has helped me get a sense of a teacher's role.  I really recommend doing a course to give you an idea of teaching and also confidence in the classroom…'
  • ‘As I had no teaching experience, the idea of going to teach for 12 months in South Korea had me a bit worried… The TEFL course put my mind at ease and also confirmed my belief that I would enjoy ESL teaching.’
  • ‘I found the course informative and very enjoyable. It gave me a lot of ideas for the classroom and also very practical methods for lesson planning and classroom management.  I think it’s a good idea…’
  • 'Lots of tips given, which was great! '


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