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Awarded by TEFL House - Ireland


English Language Schools in Ireland & abroad generally hire native English speakers who are graduates and have a TEFL Certificate. In-house training is then given on arrival to new EFL /ESL teachers. TEFL certificates are judged on their length, content, delivery and the reputation of the provider. TEFL House, an established, professional training provider currently awards: 100 Hour Graded TEFL Certificates.




  • At present, there is no international standard for TEFL courses worldwide, therefore no TEFL course can offer internationally recognised certificates, even though some courses continue to advertise this.

  • To teach as a full-time TEFL teacher in Ireland, you need to be a Degree Holder and to have at least a 4 week CELT ACELS Accredited TEFL qualification recognized by ACELS (Advisory Council for English Language School). Therefore our 100 hour courses are aimed at graduates who plan to teach abroad.


100 hour TEFL Certificate:

After completing and submitting all course work, you will be awarded:

A Graded TEFL Certificate from TEFL House, which will:

  • Greatly improve your potential to secure employment in language institutes & schools worldwide. In general, the 100 Hour TEFL courses are aimed at graduates who want to travel and have a valuable qualification to help them find work abroad.
  • Give you the confidence and expertise to teach within a classroom.
  • Allow you to tutor privately, both in Ireland and internationally.

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